Govt challenged to prioritise mineral beneficiation

The Zimbabwe Miners Federation (ZMF) has called on the government to procure its own equipment that will allow mineral sampling to be done locally.

Due to lack of appropriate machinery and technology, the country relies on South Africa to conduct sampling for minerals such as Diamond, Plati, um and Gold.

Speaking during a Transparency International Zimbabwe (TIZ) Mining for Inception workshop, ZMF spokesperson Dosman Mangisi said that Zimbabwe will not benefit from its mineral resources as long as the sampling of minerals is done in other countries.

“The government should set up its own laboratories, procure its own technology and equipment to conduct mineral sampling and analysis locally rather than relying on external services which have made the country susceptible to exploitation and corruption,” said Mangisi.

“There is a high possibility that if we send our minerals outside for sampling the results we get will be manipulated. Sampling of minerals in other countries has seen the country lose large quantities of minerals in the hands of corrupt business partners”.

Mines Ministry Matabeleland North provincial mining director Farai Ngulube weighed in saying that Zimbabwe`s mineral resources are underexplored.

“This essentially means that we don’t know how much we have as a mineral resource country because not much has been done to evaluate how much we have as a country,” said Ngulube.

“Usually exploration, evaluation and sampling of Zimbabwe’s mineral resources is done by big cooperates and the majority of them are international companies”.

Meanwhile, Jasmine Toffa a member of the parliamentary portfolio committee on mines and mining development said even though the country is facing financial challenges, prioritizing the establishment of sampling laboratories will largely benefit the country.

However, the TIZ programs director Farai Mutondoro said the government is reluctant to invest in the procurement of mining equipment and technology.

“The money is there but corrupt government officials are aware that the moment exploration and sampling is done locally they will no longer be able to exploit the minerals”.

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