‘Religious leaders must be involved in politics’

United Zimbabwe Alliance (UZA) aspiring Member of Parliament for Bulawayo North constituency, Reverend Frank Mhlanga says it’s high time the church gets involved in politics as the country needs God-fearing leaders who will fulfill their promises.

Presenting his manifesto during This Morning on Asakhe, Rev Mhlanga said the country needs God-fearing leaders who will uphold the constitution.

“We need God-fearing leaders in our country who will deliver on their promises, who uphold the constitution, even their manifesto that they promise to people. It is only God-fearing people that will uphold the constitution of the land and promises that they make to people,” said Rev Mhlanga.

He added that leadership is a calling and church leaders must avail themselves to serve when called upon.

“If a church leader says they do not want to be involved in politics, why do they complain about potholes on our roads, long queues in banks, economy that is ailing, hospital situation which is a mess in our country, why would they open their mouths and talk about issues that affect the economy of our country,” he said.

On issues of peace and reconciliation, the UZA vice president said religious leaders should be involved in solving some of the conflicts affecting the country.

 He said there is a need to bring a genuine, sincere reconciliation program towards Gukurahundi atrocities and get the chiefs and church leaders involved.

“Let’s not politicise things but let’s approach things in the way they should be approached.

“First of all, it starts with admission of guilt, one should admit their wrongs, we expected when the new dispensation took over that this could have been the first issue to be resolved amicably, this needs a genuine closure,” said Rev. Mhlanga.

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