Political parties have deviated from their mandate: Mliswa

Outspoken Norton Member of Parliament Temba Mliswa has fired a broadside at political parties in the country saying they have deviated from their mandate and are focused on political grandstanding.

In an interview with CITE, Mliswa said that political parties are prioritising politics at the expense of developmental issues.

“Political parties are institutions that have created havoc in Zimbabwe,” said Mliswa.

“Look at their manifestos and how they are implementing their manifestos is the opposite.

“They are overrated institutions, the power that they have is not what we think they have. Their power is abused instead of helping people”.

Mliswa added that the “inhouse fighting, violence and corruption” is perpetuated by political parties.

He also lamented the lack of diversity in the country’s political space.

“It’s like they are born from the same mother and father, so there is no political party that you can say is right or wrong”.

The Norton MP revealed that the Norton town council made a political decision to turn down an offer for an abattoir construction by the Community Ownership Trust of Chegutu.

“The deal was going to create 1 600 jobs because I brought them down there they made a political decision to decline the offer yet the MDC Alliance councillors dominate the urban council”.

He added its high Zimbabweans develop beyond political parties and chose leaders based on merit.

“Look at Norton today, in the last six months I have created over 3000 jobs, there is also a Chinese factory that will create 1000 jobs and the other will create 500 for Norton people,” he claimed.

The controversial politician also advised MDC Alliance president Nelson Chamisa to focus his energies on exposing ZANU PF’s shortcomings.

“The opposition must be enjoying how ZANU PF is underperforming economically and say look what they are , we promised you this.

“Chamisa must be now exposing ZANU PF for underperforming and prepare or 2023 other than contesting whether Mnangagwa is a president  or not.”



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