Election Watch 2018

Phase 2 Voter Registration Centres

Phase 1 voter registration exercise is coming to an end today. Phase 2 will run from 29 October 2017 to 13 November 2017.

Here are the registration centres.

Bulawayo South

Barham Green Hall    Hall
Barham Green    Primary School
Founders        High School
Greenfield Infants    School
Greenfield        Primary School
Jocks Shopping Centre    Tent
Sidojiwe Flats    Tent
Bellevue Shopping Centre    Tent


Gampu    A        Primary School
Gampu    B        Primary School
Inyathi Youth Centre    Hall
Lukanyiso    A    Primary School
Lukanyiso    B    Primary School
Matshobana Hall    Hall
Mpopoma Hall    Hall
Mpopoma        High School
Mpopoma Library    Library
Mpopoma Pre School (Angels)    Pre-School
Mpopoma South Shopping Centre    Tent
Mpumelelo    A        Primary School
Mpumelelo    B        Primary School
Msitheli A                High School
Msitheli B                    High School
Nkulumane    A        Primary School
Nkulumane    B        Primary School
Vulindlela Youth Centre A    Hall
Vulindlela Youth Centre B    Hall
Iminyela Flats            Tent
Iminyela Hall            Hall
Induba    A                    Primary School
Induba    B                    Primary School
Mabuthweni E.C.D Centre    Hall
Mabuthweni Hall        Hall
Pelandaba Hall        Hall
Pelandaba Pre- School    Pre-School
Sizane B            High School
Sizani A                High School
Siziba Youth Centre    Hall


Entumbane BCC Pre-School    Pre-School
Entumbane Hall        School
Entumbane A            Secondary School
Entumbane B            Secondary School
Manyewu        A            Primary School
Manyewu        B            Primary School
Mthombowesizwe    A    Primary School
Mthombowesizwe    B    Primary School
Ntabeni    A                Primary School
Ntabeni    B                Primary School
Yona Shopping Centre    Tent
Zulukandaba    A        Primary School
Zulukandaba    B        Primary School
Entumbane Complex Phases 2,3 & 4    Tent
Choppies Entumbane    Tent
Easy Pick Shopping Centre    Tent
Emakhandeni Hall        Hall
Emakhandeni    A        Primary School
Emakhandeni    B        Primary School
Emakhandeni A        Secondary School
Emakhandeni B        Secondary School
Josiah Chinamano        Primary School
Mawunga Shopping Centre    Tent
Mtshingwe    A            Primary School
Mtshingwe    B            Primary School
Wozawoza Shopping Centre    Tent
Appolo Shopping Centre    Tent


Helemu    A                Primary School
Insukamini    A            Primary School
Lobengula Housing Office    Hall
Lobengula A            Secondary School
Lobengula B            Secondary School
Lutheran Centre        Hall
Mpande Youth Centre    Hall
Mtshede    A            Primary School
Mtshede    B            Primary School
Ngubo    A                    Primary School
Ngubo    B                    Primary School
Njube Hall                    Hall
Njube A                    High School
Njube B                    High School
Nyamande    A            Primary School
Nyamande    B            Primary School
St Pius Roman Catholic Church    Hall
Inkanyezi    A        Primary School
Inkanyezi    B        Primary School
Konron Shopping Centre    Tent
Lobengula (Esiqongweni)    Tent
Lobengula Hall A        Hall
Lobengula Hall B        Hall
Mawaba    A        Primary School
Mawaba    B        Primary School
Miracles of Seed Faith Church (Opp Stnd no. 1157)    Tent
Sikhulile A        Secondary School
Sikhulile B        Secondary School
Choppies New Lobengula Phases 2 & 4    Tent


Imbizo    A            Primary School
Imbizo    B            Primary School
Luveve Beit Hall        Hall
Luveve    A            Primary School
Luveve    B            Primary School
Mafakela    A        Primary School
Mafakela    B        Primary School
Matshayisikhova    A    Primary School
Matshayisikhova    B    Primary School
Mpofu Shopping Centre    Tent
Percy Ibbotson School    School
Luveve Esporweni        Tent
Chigumira Shopping Centre    Tent

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