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No to Fake nails and Cute On Voting Day :Zimbabwe Electoral Commission Commissioner Faith Sebata

Zimbabwean Women with fake nails or cutex will not be allowed to vote if they have nail polish or fake nails on their voting finger, Zimbabwe Electoral Commission Commissioner Faith Sebata has said.
Sebata confirmed this on Wednesday after concerns had been raised on the matter.

“Women will not be allowed to vote if they have fake nails or cutex on their voting finger. They will be asked to remove the fake nails and cutex. This is so because unlike in the previous elections where citizens were expected to dip their small voting finger in the indelible ink, this time a special pen will be used to mark the finger nail of the electorate as they cast their vote,”said Sebata.

She said the indelible ink that was used in previous elections was problematic as it stained ballot papers and voters often used it to cast their vote on their preferred candidate.Sebata elaborated that the physically impaired who do not have their left small finger will be allowed to use their right small finger.
“Those without both hands will be allowed to use their feet to cast their vote,”she said.

In a separate interview, Voter Education Coordinator for Bulawayo Province Silas Silaigwana said all polling stations will have acetone to assist those who will have nail polish on their fingers.

“All polling stations will have acetone, a chemical used to remove nail polish- so as to enable registered voters to exercise their right to vote,” she said.

Follow link below to hear ZEC Commissioner Faith Sebata as she talks about fake nails and nail polish.
On 15:53 minutes

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