Njube demo teacher says he is safe

Brian Mutsiba, a teacher from Njube High School who is on the run with police looking for him in connection with Monday’s protest by learners has broken silence, disclosing he was safe.

Mutsiba, on Monday accompanied learners from the school, who marched along Luveve road, expressing displeasure against the decay in the education system.

The teacher Wednesday, issued a letter confirming he is safe, while expressing gratitude to those who assisted him find refuge.

“I still stand by the firm belief that this youthful generation exhibited elements of Ghandism by exercising non-violent resistance by marching peacefully,” read the letter.

“My heartfelt gratitude to those who have helped me these past three days, whose names I cannot say for fear of victimisation. A million thanks goes to ARTUZ (Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe), ZIMTA (Zimbabwe Teachers Association) and PTUZ (Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe). I am further sincerely humbled and thankful for the support coming from lawyers and humanitarian organisations.”

ARTUZ president, Obert Masaraure, confirmed the authenticity of the letter from Mutsiba.

He applauded the revolutionary spirit and bravery of Mutsiba and the learners, saying teachers should be at the forefront of fighting against oppression and exclusion.

“We applaud the revolutionary learners of Njube High School and their brave teacher, Mr Brian Mutsiba for setting the tone for resistance which will characterise 2020,” said Masaraure.

“Teachers by their nature should be at the forefront fighting against oppression and exclusion. We also encourage critical thinking among learners to enable them to hold office bearers to account. Njube High School learners are a beacon of hope for the working class. The demons of fear have been successfully neutralised.”

Brian Mutsiba, Njube High School Biology teacher

He said on the fourteenth day, counting from January 14 which was opening day, all teachers would take to the streets to express their incapacitation until their grievances are addressed. 

“Going forward we call upon parents to join learners and teachers who are fighting for a better education system,” he said.

“At ARTUZ we have declared severe incapacitation, teachers are now reporting for duty on the 13th day and we will embark on a street protest every 14th day. Day one was 14 January 2020 when schools opened. We will not rest until our education is fully funded.”

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