New policy to force Byo Councillors to declare assets

The Bulawayo City Council (BCC) is set to adopt a new policy that will see Councillors declaring their assets as a way to ensure accountability and curb corruption.

The new policy which will be implemented in June 2019, was announced in a meeting between the local authority and the Bulawayo Progressive Residents Association (BPRA) on Thursday.

BPRA coordinator Emmanuel Ndlovu said the declaration of assets will guarantee accountability among councillors.

“BPRA is not forcing councillors to declare assets but is suggesting it as it is one of the best practises in curbing corruption associated with the councillor’s office,” said Ndlovu.

Only two of the 29 councillors have so far publicly declared their assets.

In his response, the mayor Councillor Solomon Mguni said councillors were waiting for the adoption of a new policy in declaring assets.

“The reason why Bulawayo councillors have not declared assets is that they are still waiting to adopt a policy on the declaration of assets,” said the mayor.

“According to speculations by June 2019 the policy will be adopted and the councillors will declare their assets thereafter to avoid the declaration of assets to different organisations.”

He said the city council designed a declaration form for the councillors who have since requested for some amendments.

“The council came up with a declaration form which the councillors reviewed and asked the council to make some changes,” said the mayor.

He said the declaration forms will only be publicised once the policy has been adopted.

“The decision to publish the forms to the public will depend on whether the law permits it,” said the mayor.

Meanwhile, the city council has agreed to partner with residents associations to disseminate information and educate residents on the city budget before rolling budget consultation meetings.





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