Magwegwe North residents crowdfund to help the needy

Magwegwe North residents in Bulawayo have set up a foundation to assist less privileged members of the community with food and other items.

 This comes at a time when the global pandemic, Covid-19 has threatened the already critical food security situation in the country, especially in urban centres.

The World Food Program (WFP) had said that 7, 7 million people are food insecure in Zimbabwe, however, the movement restrictions associated with Covid-19 has led to higher than previously anticipated food insecure population.

In an interview with CITE, one of the residents in the forefront of the foundation, Toddy Bwalya said the foundation was founded by residents after noticing the plight of many residents in the community.

“One of the residents who now stays in South Africa, upon visiting back home, realised the plight of many families that is when she decided to engage former residents who are now in different countries such as America, Ireland and the United Kingdom to come together to form the foundation to help the needy in the community,” said Bwalya.

“At first residents were sceptical of the initiative as they thought it was a group of conmen who wanted to rob people of money, but residents have now joined the idea.

“As residents of Magwegwe North we contribute money, then send through an account number to the team in South Africa, they are the ones who then buy commodities and deliver via Malaitsha .com that is how the initiative works.”

Bwalya said they were mostly targeting orphans, widows and the elderly.

“We distribute the food items in phases where we select at least 50 people who are going to benefit per phase, so we are expecting another batch of commodities such as mealie meal, cooking oil, sugar, rice, flour and many other basic commodities.

“We have the treasury department who are responsible for recording the money received and goods bought so we hope that our foundation will go a long way in helping people,” he said.

Farai Sibanda said the foundation has made an impact in the community.

“This foundation has made a huge impact in the community, as they say, charity begins at home, we hope that the foundation will grow big and extend to other suburbs,” said Sibanda.

He said the foundation also distributes sanitary wear to school girls.

“The foundation also distributes sanitary wear to school children and face masks to protect people from Covid-19,” said Sibanda.

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