MRP petitions King Charles III over secession

The Mthwakazi Republic Party (MRP) has petitioned the new head of the British Monarchy, King Charles III, seeking support in their push for a separate Matabeleland state. 

In a petition dated September 28, MRP leader Mqondisi Moyo said he wanted to engage Charles over the matter.

 “We wrote to the late Queen and the United Kingdom government about the issue. We are writing to you as the new Head of Royalty,” Moyo wrote. 

“We know that the Matabeleland question is not a new narrative to His Majesty. Ever since Mthwakazi (Matabeleland) was subjugated by Britain between 1893-1980, and by Zimbabwe from 1980 to date, life has never been easy for Matabeleland people. 

“This has prompted a desire for Matabeleland to pursue a restoration agenda which would see the formerly independent kingdom state achieving self-determination. 

 “I have the honour, Sir, to be initiating these talks with your esteemed office. I am hoping for a fruitful dialogue which will see Mthwakazi regaining her sovereign status once again.” 

King Charles is yet to respond to the petition.

Mthwakazi is the name of the original Ndebele kingdom which existed in pre-colonial Zimbabwe. 

MRP is advocating for its revival, with a border between Harare and Bulawayo being set up in Kwekwe. 

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has attacked organisations calling for secession in Zimbabwe saying the country will remain a unitary state. 

Mnangagwa has also threatened to shorten the lives of MRP  activists. 

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