Minister applauds police drugs clampdown

The Minister of State for Bulawayo Metropolitan Province Judith Ncube has applauded the police for clamping down on drug dealers and Vuzu parties in the city, saying this will go a long way in deterring errant behaviour, especially among teenagers.

The parties are characterised by alcohol binging, casual sex and drug abuse.

Addressing residents at a consultative stakeholder meeting at the Large City Hall, Wednesday, Min Ncube noted her office is always inundated by concerned parents asking the government to evict residents who supply drugs and alcohol to young people.

“Vuzu parties in the city of Bulawayo are a nuisance. We are gathered here to come up with ways to get rid of this hideous form of entertainment,” said Min Ncube.

“We are very pleased with the level of seriousness shown by the police as far as this matter is concerned. There have been a number of arrests that have been made of people who are exposing our young ones to danger.

“Angry and concerned parents have approached my office on quite a number of occasions pleading with the state to evict residents who are pushing our children to their graves at an early age,” she added.

The Minister noted that they have engaged pupils at various schools in the city who indicated that some vendors who sell at schools supply them with scones laced with drugs.

“The ministry is going to engage the city council’s health department to wipe out these wicked people. We have no problem with those who innocently sell their products but when they endanger the young ones they deserve to be brought to book,” she said.

Acting Bulawayo Police Spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube encouraged young people to be wary of their future before they partake in drug abuse.

“During the first week of the Trade Fair, we arrested 131 Vuzu partygoers. Some of them were warned cautioned and discharged. Little do they know that this is a conviction. They will only realise at a later stage that they cut short their lifetime opportunities when they need jobs or to get scholarships and have to acquire police clearances. It is so sad how these young people unknowingly ruin their future,” said Insp Ncube.

Insp Ncube warned those used as middlemen not to be tempted by money but realise they are being sacrificed by their employers to serve jail terms on their behalf.

“People need to understand how the justice system works. Before the court the person who is found in possession of the drug is the owner,” he said.

“MaHadebe for example, sacrificed her own son when police closed in on her deals in Entumbane. He is serving a jail term. The police are working tirelessly working to weed out these people who are endangering the lives of the young ones.”

Insp Ncube urged members of the public to inform the police where they see drugs being sold.

Police in Bulawayo recently raided a residential flat in the city’s Central Business District and arrested seven suspects in an operation where drugs and cash were recovered.

The flat, situated at the corner of 1st Avenue and Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo Street, was targeted after residents living nearby complained that the area was being turned into a haven of crime.

The suspects are currently appearing in court facing charges of possession of drugs.

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