More water woes for Byo residents

Some parts of Bulawayo are expected to go for a prolonged period without water supplies due to maintenance works along the city`s water supply link.

Currently, residents in the city have to endure a 48-hour water shedding regime caused by a drop in water supplies from the city`s feeder dams.

Some low-density suburbs are likely to have an extended period without the precious liquid due to repairs on the 30-inch pipeline at Ncema Water Works that supplies clean water to the Tuli Reservoir.

The affected suburbs include Manningdale, Waterford, Matsheumhlope, Ilanda, Khumalo, Mahatshula, Northend, Riverside, Buenavista, Lochview, Burnside, Killarney, Parklands, Suburbs, City Centre, How Mine, Esigodini and Douglasdale.

The repair works will start Tuesday, March 5 to Thursday, March 7, 2019.

“Efforts are being made to build the Tuli Reservoir to maximum capacity to reduce the impact of the shutdown. The shutdown period has been programmed to seamlessly follow and is expected to work along and coincide with the shedding period to reduce the impact of the interruption. The repairs on the 30 inch pipe are expected to take at most 48hrs,” said Bulawayo Town Clerk, Christopher Dube, in a statement.

Dube added the water work shutdown would also affect users along the 30inch line in areas such as Esigodini.

During this shutdown period, major maintenance works will also be undertaken at Ncema, Fernhill clear water reservoir cleaning and repair of other minor leaks.

“All water meant for treatment at Ncema waterworks will be diverted to the boosting the Criterion raw water reservoir level,” Dube noted.

According to the town clerk, Bulawayo is on water shedding due to a number of bottlenecks, which include: “Inyankuni Boosters, Umzingwane boosters, and 30 Inch clear water line, which we are currently addressing. Repair works planned for this week on the 30 inch are some of the efforts to improve water supply into the city – reducing chances of future supply disruptions. Efforts are also being made to attend to the Inyankuni and Umzingwane Boosters.”

Dube also urged residents to conserve water until further notice and ignore any messages circulating purporting to be from the City of Bulawayo.

“Council wishes to apologise to its valued consumers for the inconvenience likely to be caused,” he said.

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