Masiyephambili learner tops Cambridge world rankings

A Masiyephambili College learner scored the highest mark in Food and Nutrition in the Cambridge November 2021 examinations.  

Unathi Viki, a Lower Six Sciences learner scored 99 percent.

Besides the Food and Nutrition award, Unathi scored six A stars in subjects such as Maths, Chemistry, and Physics among others.

She becomes the second learner at the school to scoop such an award.

Speaking during a ceremony to hand over a certificate of appreciation the school head, Dr Kesiwe Phuthi applauded Unathi for her outstanding academic performance.

“We are here today to celebrate a great day, our student Unathi Viki got top of the World award in food and nutrition, we are very humbled to have won this Cambridge award. We look forward to greater things to happen especially for Unathi our student and many other students, besides the food and nutrition award that she got, Unathi scored Six A stars at O’ level which is a great achievement indeed,” said Dr. Phuthi.

Meanwhile. The Vice-chairman of the board of the Masiyephambili group of schools, junior and college, Babongile Sitshoni, said Unathi had made the school proud.

“We are very much elated with what has happened, we received the award for Unathi Viki who was the best in food and nutrition in the whole World Cambridge O’Level examinations that she did, the World is inhabited by almost eight billion people and it’s outstanding that a student achieved the best results amongst every human being in the World whether they wrote or didn’t write in whatever circumstances but Unathi made us proud as Masiyephambili,” said Sitshoni.

“We would like to also thank the parents of Unathi, the parents have entrusted us with all their kids from junior right up to the College school and Unathi is the second child to be with us and the results that she has achieved mean the trust that she has in us, we have also reciprocated back and as the school, the teachers have cultivated the young mind.”

Sitshoni said the award should inspire other learners to emulate Unathi’s performance.

“This is a second award we are receiving, we received one, six years ago, we would like to continue churning out these results more and more and I would like to challenge the school, and the children to also emulate what Unathi has done and we hope to continue getting good results like this,” he said.

The school board has promised to pay her Cambridge examinations fees next year.

Unathi’s mother, Nyaradzo Viki said they were elated with her daughter’s achievement.

“I am so happy for the achievement she has made, getting on top of the World means a lot to the family, the school, and the Country. I would like to thank her for raising the flag so high, the Masiyephambili flag, the Viki flag, and the Zimbabwean flag,” she said.

“We are so happy, we don’t even know how to express it, we are also very happy about the price she got from the school, we  couldn’t ask for more, the exam fee that has been  promised to pay for is a lot, Masiye has done a lot for us.”

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