Zupco conductors ‘reject’ tap cards

Zimbabwe United Passenger Company (Zupco) conductors are reportedly refusing tap cards and are demanding cash from commuters.

Zupco introduced the tap-card last year in January to provide convenience to the commuting public.

However, some commuters in Bulawayo claim some conductors are refusing the tap cards.

Speaking to CITE, Kwanele Ndlovu a commuter said the tap card was convenient for her as she did not need to carry cash all the time.

“The introduction of tap cards made life easier for us because one does not need to carry cash all the time. The challenge we are having is that some conductors are refusing tap cards and are demanding cash,” said Ndlovu.

“When you produce a tap card they reject it and demand cash knowing very well that you do not have a choice but to pay up because you do not have an alternative mode of transport to turn to.”

Naledi Tshabalala, another commuter said commuters were being inconvenienced.

“Zupco introduced tap cards last year and now they do not want them. What are we supposed to do with the cards, this is such an inconvenience because if you do not have the money you will need to come up with another plan to board,” she fumed.

Contacted for comment Zupco Chief Executive Officer Evaristo Madangwe said the tap cards remain in use and the company will launch an investigation into the matter.

” That is not the company`s position and if people experience such challenges they should report to us so that we deal with the issue accordingly,” said Mudangwa.

“Now that this has come to put attention we will follow up on this issue and make sure that people use tap cards without any challenges.”

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