CCC MP candidate to lobby for better service delivery in Nkayi

Jabulani Hadebe, a prospective candidate for the Nkayi South area with the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), claims that if chosen to represent the area in Parliament, he will work to bring better service delivery to Nkayi. 

Hadebe is running against Stars Mathe, a current Zanu PF member, and Clilopasi Moyo of ZAPU.

In an interview with CITE, Hadebe said the Zanu PF government was responsible for overseeing the underdevelopment in Matabeleland.

“Our area has no roads, since 1980, during campaigns, the ruling party has been promising people that it will develop the roads forgetting that they are the ones ruling, why not fix the road now?” Hadebe questioned.

“As an MP in Nkayi South, in the new government, I am going to make sure the road leading to Nkayi is refurbished, from Bulawayo until it reaches Nkayi and other surrounding roads from Nkayi going to Gokwe and Lupane.”

Hadebe also vowed to address the challenge of water, saying he would strive to have those increased throughout Nkayi South.

“We have water challenges because we have few boreholes and most dams are no longer functional due to siltation. The current government does not rehabilitate these dams. As the CCC government we are going to rehabilitate dams and have new dams,” said the MP candidate.

“We will make sure that we connect piped water in rural areas, with solar powered boreholes. Our livestock walk more than five kilometres in search of water, so the water challenge is one of the first issues that I will address.”

The MP hopeful added he would also engage the Ministry of Health and Child Care to develop Nkayi District Hospital.

“Our hospital in Nkayi has no X-ray, while the mortuary has not been functioning for more than 15 years. As an aspiring MP I will make sure that the Ministry of Health fixes this problem in Nkayi District hospital so that we will also receive medication,” Hadebe said.

“We don’t want a situation whereby patients have to look for firewood to heat their water for bathing. There has to be an improved way that the new government will assist the hospital supply hot water. The hospital should have people who will cook for the patients, not for patients to cook for themselves.”

Hadebe also lamented that Matabeleland has been marginalised since 1980. 

“I am sure people remember Gukurahundi, where most families were displaced during that time. You will find that the parents were killed while homesteads with children were gutted down. Most families in Nkayi don’t know the whereabouts of their relatives,” he said, claiming  a new CCC government will assist all families who were displaced during Gukurahundi.

“We are also hoping that all those who were affected by the genocide will receive compensation.”

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