Man fatally stabs ex-girlfriend for ‘causing his erectile dysfunction’

A 50-year-old Hwange man allegedly fatally stabbed his ex-girlfriend with a knife after accusing her of causing his erectile dysfunction.

It is understood that Jonathan Mabhena had a misunderstanding with his now-deceased ex-girlfriend, Gertrude Ngwenya (50) who was working as a maid in Lower Colliery whom he accused of being behind his erectile dysfunctional challenge.

In a fit of rage following the accusations which were denied by the deceased, Mabhena who was armed with a knife stabbed her in the stomach and hands before leaving her in a pool of blood.

Matabeleland North provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Glory Banda confirmed the arrest of Mabhena who has since been charged with murder.

“Police in Matabeleland North Province confirms the arrest of Jonathan Mabhena (55) in connection with a murder case in which Gertrude Ngwenya (50) succumbed to injuries inflicted on her by the suspect on the 8th day of February 2022 at Lower Colliery, Hwange. The suspect stabbed the victim on the lower abdomen and on both hands using a knife. On the fateful day, Mabhena approached Ngwenya his ex-girlfriend where a misunderstanding ensued between the two. Mabhena was accusing Ngwenya of being responsible for his sickness of erectile dysfunction,” said Insp. Banda.

He said upon noticing that Ngwenya was bleeding heavily he fled the scene leaving her for the dead.

He was arrested the following day.

Insp. Banda called on people to respect the sacredness of life by avoiding the use of violence in resolving disputes.

“Human life is sanctity. Members of the public are urged to give due respect for human life. Violence is not the way to go when resolving disputes. Members of the public should not carry dangerous weapons as they move around, they are high chances that they are tempted to use them and commit crime,” he added.

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