Lack of information, hopelessness dampen women’s election excitement in Bulawayo

Some women in Bulawayo are not excited about the upcoming 23 August harmonised elections due to a lack of information about the candidates and a feeling of hopelessness about the political process.

A recent chat room meeting organized by Amakhosikazi Media revealed that many women in the city are not feeling enthusiastic about the upcoming elections.

Dorcas Dengu, a participant in the meeting, said that she does not know the aspiring candidates for local authority and legislative positions. She said that there are no posters or people going around campaigning in her area, so she will only see the candidates on the ballot box on election day.

Busi Bhebhe, the director of Amakhosikazi, said that she has no excitement because the candidates have not proven themselves.

Tariro Gurure, a person with a disability, said that she has mixed feelings about the elections because her polling station was changed to a far ward that is not accessible to her wheelchair.

She said that she is worried about her other disabled counterparts who may not be able to afford to get someone to take them to the polling station.

Jacqueline Ndlovu, a community mobiliser, said that she has observed that there is no excitement towards the elections amongst the electorate.

She said that people are feeling hopeless due to the many court challenges and the lack of information about the candidates.

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