Lupane granny trampled to death by an elephant

By Judith Sibanda
An 81-year-old Lupane woman was yesterday morning trampled to death by an elephant while walking to a nearby school in the bush.

Officer Commanding Police in Lupane District, Chief Superintendent Edgar Dhliwayo confirmed the death of Elizabeth Ngwenya of Deka Village district who was found dead.

Dhliwayo said Ngwenya left her homestead around 8 am to go to Lake Alice Primary School for unknown reasons to the officials.

“She was walking alone through a thick bush and we understand that an elephant emerged from the bush and violently charged at her, but because of her age and the way it suddenly emerged, she was unable to run away resulting in her being trampled on all over her body,” said Dhliwayo

He said her body was discovered by her neighbour, Alice Ndlovu, who was walking to the same school.

Ndlovu aborted her journey and went to alert other villagers.

“She was trampled beyond recognition,” explained Dhliwayo.

“At the scene there were spoors which villagers followed through and traced to Lake Alice Dam. They found it (the elephant) drinking water and covered with blood but it took a while for villagers to report to police and Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (Zimparks) rangers due to poor communication network. By then the elephant had moved away to the bush and till now it is still being searched for.”

He added: “Wounded elephants are aggressive and might attack again so once we find it, it shall be gunned down.”

Meanwhile Ngwenya’s remains were reportedly taken to St Luke’s Hospital mortuary.

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