Lot Water soldiers on despite vandalism of boreholes

Despite the vandalism of several boreholes they installed, The Lot Water Project has drilled two more boreholes in Luveve suburb.

The non-governmental organisation installed two boreholes this week at Imbizo Primary School and Matshayiskhova Primary as part of their mandate to provide clean and safe water in Bulawayo. 

Lot Water Project founder, Innocent Hadebe said while they were saddened with developments that saw two boreholes they had installed being vandalised they will continue diligently with their objective of providing safe water in the country.

United States-based Hadebe, who is in Bulawayo to Witness the installation of the two boreholes, said the acquisition of a rig will see them drilling more boreholes in Luveve and around the city at a faster pace.

“Two boreholes we had installed had pumps stolen but luckily because we installed two pumps at each borehole they remained functional though at reduced capacity.

“Obviously when one donates to the community there is hope the community will guard it jealously but unfortunately there are a few bad apples.

“However, we are not deterred and will continue drilling more boreholes,” he said.

Hadebe travelled with some of the organisation’s donors who expressed delight with the work they saw and committed to continue supporting the drilling of more boreholes.

Jeff Spratlin said they are impressed with the work that has been done so far and are looking forward to increasing the number.

“The challenge of being without water dawned on me when I saw people of all ages carrying 5 litre containers, some 10 litres and others 20 litres.

“It is not something that I had anticipated because for me in the States I have always had access to safe and clean tap water and never imagined any situation like this one,” he said.

Other partners he brought into the country include Avery Spratlin, Lindsay Copeland,  Penny Wilkie and Dr Hetty Asiodu. 

Wilkie said she felt compelled to lend support to the Lot Water Project after praying about it adding water is a precious source that everyone should have access to.

Luveve residents lamented the vandalism of the borehole near Masina Beer Garden adding it has come in handy in times of increased watershedding.

The borehole’s pump was vandalised last month but remained operational with one pump although at reduced capacity.

Thabani Siziba who stays a few metres away from the borehole and is responsible for coordinating the use of the water source said they were disappointed about the theft as it had the potential of depriving them of water.

“I only learnt about the theft the following morning after being alerted by residents who were passing by.

“It’s a real blow to the community as we are living under constant fear the other pump will also be stolen,” he said.

Siziba said they expected residents to play a key role in keeping the borehole safe and ensure its longevity following the donation of the borehole by the Lot Water Project.

“The water from the borehole has come in handy due to the incessant water cuts we are experiencing, we are able to get non-potable water for use at home which includes washing and in the toilet,” said Siziba.

Hadebe founded The Lot Water Project in 2020 in response to the dysentery crisis that engulfed Luveve and parts of Gwabalanda leading to the death of at least 13 people and hospitalisation of hundreds.

The organisation has so far drilled eight boreholes within Luveve suburb and there are plans to add more before the end of the year as the entity has acquired its own rig.

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