Laxton Group Limited awarded BVR tender

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) has awarded the Biometric Voter Registration  (BVR) kit supply tender to a Chinese firm, Laxton Group Limited.

Laxton Group Limited submitted a $3.9 million bid together with Damalogy Identification System of Germany, which submitted a $5,5 million bid.

According to Sunday News, ZEC chairperson Rita Makarau said they are finalising the terms of the contract with Laxton Group.

“Once the terms are agreed, we will advice on the dates of the delivery and date of commencement of the registration exercise”, said Makarau.

In  BVR, a voter’s details (name date of birth, address etc) are digitally captured and stored alongside their biometric features (face and fingerprints) on a computer.

ZEC recently announced that it will soon start a 15-day voter education and registration campaign in each of the ten country’s administrative wards. In an effort to manage the queues ZEC says a maximum of 1 500 voters will be allowed per polling station.

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