Lockdown: Byo police impound 2000 vehicles

Police in Bulawayo have impounded over 2000 vehicles for violating national lockdown regulations.

Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube while briefing members of the press at Ross Camp, Thursday, said the operation will continue until sanity prevails in the city.

Insp Ncube noted that 120 vehicles were impounded yesterday and part of them were commuter omnibuses which have been illegally ferrying people without adhering to social distancing orders.

He said these kombis were ferrying about 18 to 20 people, totally disregarding the government regulation that buses which permit social distancing should be the ones to transport people.

He expressed concern over cross border vehicles which have South African operation permits who are taking advantage of the absence of local transport to ferry people.

Insp Ncube urged commuters to use recommended transport and to use designated pick up points.

He also discouraged the commuting public to desist from using other modes of transport such as lorries citing that these are not regularly sanitised.

The police official said at least 21 vehicles were cleared yesterday after going through all necessary conditions and the owners wer made to pay stipulated fines.

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