Kambarami aspires to be deputy mayor

Tanaka Mrewa

NEWLY elected Ward 3 councillor Tinashe Kambarami has cleared the air on allegations of him being finger pointed as incoming deputy mayor.

Kambarami explained to CITE how the MDC Alliance has shortlisted several councillors for deputy and mayoral posts.

He said his election as councillor has only but created an opportunity for him to be a deputy mayor.

“I do aspire to be deputy mayor for the City of Bulawayo. When you have a vision, yet there are people in that position already, it is difficult to achieve your goal. However when you get an opportunity to be there, you can run with your vision,” said Kambarami.

He added: “As a party, we don´t just pick on individuals to lead the rest. What we do as a party is we shortlist candidates for mayoral and deputy mayoral positions. It is from this shortlist that the elected councillors vote for the most suitable candidate.”

Kambarami condemned issues of tribalism citing they result in the risk of appointment of incompetent people into influencial positions.

“Prioritising issues of tribalism only hinders development. What people seem to forget is there are people from other tribes born and bred here in Bulawayo, they fully understand and are equally affected by Bulawayo issues. I for one have lived my whole life in Bulawayo, I married a Ndebele woman and we have raised a child together, already our child has both identities. People should not be divided by surnames,” he said.

Kambarami gave a list of councillors who have been shortlisted for the mayoral and deputy mayoral candidates. “Solomon Mguni, Silas Chigora, Norman Hlabano, Clayton Zana and Earnest Rafamoyo are the mayoral candidates. For deputy mayor thereś Rodney Jele, Tinashe Kambarami, McDonald Chunga, Lillian Mlilo and Felix Mhaka.”

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