Kambarami, Chigora withdraw charges against Town Clerk

Former Bulawayo Deputy Mayor Tinashe Kambarami and Ward 4 Councillor Silas Chigora Friday withdrew their assault case against Town Clerk, Christopher Dube, after reaching an out of court settlement.

The defendants decided that it was wrong to waste time dragging each other to court yet they could use that period to focus on improving service delivery in Bulawayo.

This development comes after the two councillors opened their own case of assault against the town clerk who had hailed a litany of unprintable insults at them during their attempt to suspend him in July.

Initially, Dube had accused Kambarami and Chigora of assaulting him when they violently ejected him from his office after he refused to take a letter “suspending” him from duty.

Both Kambarami and Chigora were acquitted of the assault charges in August following an application for discharge by their lawyer Maqhawe Mpofu of Sam Mlaudzi and Partners.

In an interview with CITE, Cllr Chigora confirmed that they have decided to withdraw the charges against Dube.

“You will be aware there is a case reported by myself and Kambarami, for what happened on July 12, 2019. We have put that behind us, as we reached out to the town clerk. He also came to us and we went to him to discuss what happened for the betterment of Bulawayo,” he said.

The ward 4 councillor noted that the trio agreed to work as a team for the benefit of residents and their legal team had sent affidavits to the courts notifying them of their decision.

“So we wait for the courts a decision that would be considered for the benefit of everyone. There are a lot of problems in the city that require our effort all the time,” Chigora said, adding that they had sought an out of court settlement.

“We have made agreements with the town clerk, today (Friday) we have withdrawn the case so that we give him time to concentrate on the projects before him. There are water problems that need to be attended to, service delivery that needs attention. So we want to give our town clerk an opportunity to attend to all these things without wasting much time going to the court.”

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