Its a badge of honour to be likened to Nkosana Moyo: Chapman

Presidential aspirant Robert Chapman says it is a badge of honour to be described as another version of losing presidential candidate Nkosana Moyo.

Chapman, who leads the Democratic Union of Zimbabwe (DUZ) has declared his intention to challenge President Mnangagwa for the presidency in this year’s elections.

He will also have to contend with another opposition leader, Nelson Chamisa who fronts the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC).

Since his entry into Zimbabwe’s political fray, some people have dismissed him as an opportunist and likened him to the former Alliance for the People’s Agenda (APA) who contested the 2018 presidential elections and received a paltry 15 223 votes.

In response to that comparison, Chapman said “it is an honour” as he had great respect for Moyo who “had accomplished a lot”.

“Dr Nkosana Moyo is very educated, and is accomplished in a big way on this continent. If people are using that as a way of saying here comes another loser in the political realm, I think they are very mistaken because the fact that they associate him with me tells me that he has left his mark on the political stage in Zimbabwe,” said Chapman in an interview on The Breakfast Club.

Moyo was once appointed Industry and International trade minister in 2021 but quit 10 months later.

The late President Robert Mugabe described him as a coward after his resignation.

Chapman said the country needs people with Moyo’s qualities who can be able to solve some of the basic challenges that the country continues to grapple with.

“The pioneers that have come from outside from a Zimbabwe side, people who are accomplished, have lifted themselves up in society, people that are successful, they have access to contacts and they have a global exposure. We have missed the opportunity to be led by such people which would help our country progress and solve some of the most basic things,” he noted.

APA has endorsed Chapman for the 2023 presidential polls saying they have found “common cause in core values and competence”.

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