Armed robbers hit Mukuru outlet in Byo

Four armed robbers, Monday, intercepted a Safeguard security company truck which was delivering cash at a Mukuru Money outlet along Herbert Chitepo and 13th avenue in Bulawayo and got away with ZAR500 000 and US$100 000.

In a statement, national police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said the police have intensified investigations into the case.

“A cash-in-transit vehicle was intercepted by a Toyota Mark X vehicle with four suspects on board, armed with unidentified pistols and a rifle. The suspects forced the driver out of the cash-in-transit vehicle before disarming his colleagues,” said Nyathi.

“They then loaded two boxes with ZAR500 000 and US$100 000 cash into their vehicle and sped off”.

When a CITE news crew visited the scene, the Mukuru outlet was closed with vendors operating nearby still in shock.

Eyewitnesses said the armed men who were travelling in a Toyota silver car shot twice into the air forcing people who were queuing outside the shop to collect their cash to lie down.

“There were four robbers putting on facemasks and travelling in a Toyota Mac X silver car, they fired twice into the air forcing everyone to lie down. They took away bags of money from the security company truck. We were shocked by the attack which took less than 10 minutes,” said the visibly shocked man.

Another eyewitness revealed that this is the third time the shop has been attacked by armed robbers.

“I only saw one robber who was not wearing a facemask force marching another security guard who had the keys at gunpoint, at first glance, everything looked normal we couldn’t even suspect the robber,” he said.

“The security guard had run into a shop, trying to escape. They shot two times and we were all forced to lie down as we were all scared and feared for our lives as bullets can even stray.

“The first attempt they didn’t succeed in robbing the shop but the second time they gained access through the roof and got away with an undisclosed amount,” he said.


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