Impact Hub And Facebook Developer Circles Bring Facebook Community Challenge: $230k Up For Grabs

Impact Hub and Facebook Developer Circles Community are coming together to bring the Facebook Community Challenge. This is a competition where developers build software apps which push forward Facebook’s mission to connect other people.

Prepatory meeting

On the 16th of June, Facebook Developer Circle: The Facebook circle will be hosting World Build Day to divulge more information about the Facebook Community Challenge and to help participants come up with teams and polish up on the cool ideas that will stem from the brainstorming sessions.

Prize Categories

There are 11 Prize categories and these include

Global Round

First Place – Global Round • $30,000 USD

Second Place – Global Round • $20,000 USD

Third Place – Global Round • $10,000 USD

Best Pre-Existing, Updated Solution – Global Round • $7,000 USD

Regional Round

First Place – Regional Round (7) • $7,500 USD awarded in each region

Second Place – Regional Round (7) • $5,000 USD awarded in each region

Third Place – Regional Round (7) • $3,500 USD awarded in each region

Best Pre-Existing, Updated Solution – Regional Round (7) • $3,000 USD awarded in each region

Bonus Prize

Bonus Prize: Best solution to Bridge on and offline experiences • $10,000 USD

Bonus Prize: Best solution to Build and grow community • $10,000 USD

Bonus Prize: Best solution to Drive engaging communities • $10,000 USD

What’s the purpose of this meetup?

The purpose of the meetup on the 16th of June is to:

– Explain the community challenge and its different components

– Bring together teams that are already created and giving them the opportunity to work together

– Give the opportunity to those interested in participating to form teams on the ground

– Bring mentors around to help participants

If you are interested in the joining the Facebook developer circle you can check out their group.


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