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“Thriving through our trials” – Providence shares her passion

By Shanice Chimwaza for We The Future

WHEN one looks at the business industry, the idea is that it is mostly done by men. That idea has slowly left the minds of people as women enter this industry.

Born in Hwange, Providence Moyo, owner and founder of Divine Pro Skin and Hair Care has made a difference in the business Industry.

“I have always loved sciences, I wanted to do something that pertains to sciences, I wanted to be a dental therapist but I didn’t have enough points, that’s why I went for teaching,” said Providence.

Providence quit teaching and moved to South Africa in 2009 where did a course and attained a diploma in skin care therapy.

The course specialised in the scientific manufacture of cosmetics.

In 2014 she moved back in Zimbabwe despite reservations from those around her who thought the country was not stable for one to relocate to.

“I decided to come and open my own skin care clinic where I would be offering skin care treatment and giving products that suit their skin type.”

She started out in the corner of a hair salon as a way of advertising her skin care products. She then moved from the hair salon to Rainbow Hotel in the year 2015 after attending a program in the United States of America called Bulawayo Women Development Dialogue and she is now located at Royal Arcade shop number three. After getting her products tested, her products were later listed in Edgars stores, Pick n’Pay and Greens.

She stopped manufacturing cosmetics the chemical way and decided to manufacture the Afrocentric way. Having being born in Hwange which has many Baobab trees, she then did research on the leaves which are rich in Vitamin C.

She has used her knowledge on the Baobab tree leaves to make Baobab powder and Baobab juice as well. She does not only use Baobab for her products but other indigenous plants such Tamarind of which she makes powder and Tamarind Juice. At her shop she also offers pedicures, manicures and massages.

As her business grew, she has been invited to speak to other women in countries such as Kenya where she spoke about how to turn obstacles into opportunities and also spoke in Ghana under the theme “How To Strengthen Business Training in Africa”.

She also owns an NGO called Divine Pro Foundation which has been running for two years. She gives back to the community through this organization and she also helps businesses grow. She has donated goats to Mustard Seed which has helped grow their goat production and has donated chicken seeds to Empandeni which has enabled them to sell chickens to Greens.

Providence Moyo believes that everyone has a journey.

“There are times where things won’t go your way, but it is through our trials that we thrive.”

This article was produced under CITE’s We The Future project. The We The Future project seeks to increase the participation of young women in local and national governance processes through capacity building on digital skills.  

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