Hunger stalks learners at Bulu High School

Bulu Government High School in Mangwe District of Matabeleland South has fallen on hard times with the institution now struggling to feed learners at its boarding facility.

CITE has since established that authorities at the low-cost boarding school, situated 85km out of Plumtree town along Mphoengs Road, are now appealing to parents to pay outstanding fees in order to salvage the dire situation.

Fees for the examination classes of Form 4s and Upper six (boarders) are pegged at US$160 with parents having the option of paying either South African rand or local currency equivalent.

In a letter to parents with children at the school, the headmaster Raymond Mguni said they had fallen on hard times owing to the economic situation obtaining in the country.

“We are struggling to make ends meet,” said Mguni in his letter dated 12 October 2021.

“The current economic situation has adversely affected our boarding facility. Our resources are dwindling fast. Prices of bread, beef, chicken and mealie meal have risen to unimaginable levels. As a result, the school will not be able to buy food for our boarders as from next week (this week).

The head pleaded with parents to move with speed to clear any outstanding fees for their children.

“We are kindly appealing to all parents and guardians who have not yet cleared school fees arrears to pay as a matter of urgency,” pleaded Mguni.

“The school is facing serious financial challenges. This has been worsened by the current economic situation where prices of goods and services are rising at an alarming rate. We are therefore requesting all parents and guardians to clear all outstanding fees.”

He further appealed: “Parents who can afford to pay Fees in foreign currency are encouraged to do so.

The school, Mguni said, was also planning to hold a boarders’ parents meeting in order to discuss the challenges faced.

“It is our sincere hope that we will get clearance from the responsible authorities considering the fact that we have managed to control the spread of Covid-19 at school.”

Meanwhile, Bulu Government High School has also appealed to parents to assist them with bond paper.

“The current economic situation that is prevailing in our country is adversely affecting our day to day operations at school,” said Mguni.

“As a result, we are failing to buy important teaching and learning materials. We are kindly requesting all parents to assist the school with bond paper this term. We need one ream of bond paper from each child this term. We are using bond paper every day at school for many purposes.”

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