Govt to adjust sitting allowances for MPs

The government has disclosed that it wants to adjust sitting allowances for Members of Parliament (MPs), who recently said they were spared by the economic difficulties bedevilling the country.

Parliamentarians last month said they wanted their benefits to be paid in United States Dollars.

The inflation-ravaged Zimbabwe dollar is making it difficult for many to realise value for money despite the fact that it has somewhat stabilised in exchange rate against the greenback.

Raising a point of privilege in the august House, Headlands legislator, Christopher Chingosho, requested that their monthly benefits be pegged in the US Dollars to which National Assembly Speaker, Jacob Mudenda said the issue was being looked into.

Speaking in Parliament last week, Finance and Economic Development Minister, Mthuli Ncube, said the legislators’ allowances would be reviewed soon, saying the issue was being discussed with the leadership of the house.

“We want to adjust the sitting allowances for Members of Parliament,” said Ncube. 

“I think we have reached a position that is based on affordability and the budget projections of Parliament up to year-end.  We have a figure and I think at the right moment, leadership of Parliament and the office of the Clerk will communicate to Members of Parliament.” 

He added: “We have done something in response.  I cannot reveal the figures because it is up to the leadership to communicate that position.  We covered a lot of things such as sitting allowances, vehicle issues; there are many.” 

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