Adopt water harvesting techniques: MSD

The Meteorological Service Department (MSD) has urged people to practice water harvesting and store water for use during the prolonged dry spell.

Most areas across the country have been receiving light showers in the past week with other areas experiencing floods.

In a statement, MSD said there is a need to urgently employ water harvesting techniques.

“Water harvesting techniques need to be employed as a water management method to cater for periods when there is less rainfall,” said MSD.

The country has been seriously affected by drought as little rains have so far been received during the 2019-2020 farming season.

MSD, however, said heavy rains remain likely in some areas.

“Mostly cloudy and warm conditions are expected over Matabeleland North, Midlands, North of Manicaland, Harare Metropolitan and all Mashonaland provinces with afternoon as well as evening rain showers coupled with lightning and thunder,” noted the department.

In an interview with CITE, Chief Agritex Officer for Matabeleland North, Dumisani Nyoni said when they talk about water harvesting techniques they are also urging both residents in urban centers and farmers to participate.

“In towns when we talk of water harvesting, we are saying that even those in urban areas can partake as water-shedding also affects them, they can harvest water from their rooftops when it is raining, and use that water later on,” said Nyoni.

“If the water seems not clean for drinking people can use it for other household chores such as washing, or they can even boil it for drinking.
Nyoni said water harvesting is also an advantage in farming.

“In farming when we talk of water harvesting, we are urging farmers to dig holes between lines, usually rains are characterized by wind and this makes water to flow away but when there are holes in between lines, they will contain water for at least two to three weeks and these will help the crops,” he said.

“The potholes that harass us in urban areas are the ones that we are trying to create in farms so that we help crops,” said Nyoni. 

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