Fire destroys homestead: Family appeals for help

A family from Tshankwa village in Plumtree is appealing for assistance to rebuild their homestead after a 19-year-old mentally challenged grandson set the homestead ablaze, leaving six people including himself vulnerable.

The incident occurred last Friday.

In an interview with CITE, a family representative Butho Nkomo said he only received a call while at work alerting him of the incident.

“There is a 19-year-old grandson, he has a mental problem. I received a call while at work that he is on top of the roof axing the zinc sheets. I told my parents to leave the homestead and go to my homestead which is close by and sleep there,” Nkomo explained.

“The following morning when they wanted to report the incident to the police before proceeding to the clinic, they found him at the police station saying he is handing himself in, but the police did not arrest him,” Nkomo continued.

He said the man then left other family members at the police station and went back home where he set all the huts alight.

“All the property was reduced to ashes, they couldn’t save anything,” said Nkomo.

The family is appealing for clothes and building materials such as cement.

“The people needing assistance are aged 73 years, 67 years, 21 years, 19 years, 11 years and 10 years,” Nkomo stated.

Those willing to assist can get in touch with Nkomo on 0774 529 073.

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