Woman commits suicide by throwing self onto moving train

An unknown woman approximately 45 years old allegedly committed suicide yesterday by throwing herself in front of an oncoming goods train.

The incident took place near the Luveve train siding station at 5 pm.

The deputy police spokesperson for Bulawayo Province Assistant Inspector Nomalanga Msebele confirmed the incident.

“The train was approaching Luveve train siding station when the informant observed the now deceased’s at about 50 metres ahead walking on the railways track facing oncoming goods train which was carrying coal,” said the deputy police spokesperson.

She said the engineman warned the now deceased by sounding a siren whilst applying emergency brakes but the now-deceased continued walking towards the train.

“The now deceased turned her back to the train when it was a few meters away from her and she was hit and fell to the left side of the train. The train stopped approximately one kilometre from the point of impact,” said Assistant Inspector Msebele.

Assistant Inspector Msebele added that the deceased sustained multiple injuries and she died on the spot.

Her body was ferried to United Bulawayo Hospitals (UBH).

“Police would like to appeal to members of the public who might have a missing female relative approximately of that age to come forward and identify the body,” she said.

She also implored those with personal challenges to seek counselling services from church leaders and elders in the community.

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