Expect rains this week: MSD

The country is expected to receive rains this week, with some areas experiencing heavy downpours , the Meteorological Services Department has said.

In a daily weather forecast, MSD said isolated light showers are expected over Matabeleland South, Matabeleland North, Bulawayo Metropolitan into the Midlands and Masvingo Province. 

Speaking to CITE, MSD Head of forecasting James Ngoma said a weak cloud band drifted into the country yesterday. 

“It’s moving from Botswana into Matabeleland provinces then we are expecting it to move further into Midlands and Masvingo provinces and Manicaland as well,” said Ngoma. 

“It started entering yesterday, so we are expecting it to have passed the entire Country by the weekend so its sweeping across from today”. 

In addition, MSD noted that, “Light showers expected in most parts of the country, these may be coupled by strong winds, lightning and very localized heavy downpours. It should be humid and hot for much of the day, becoming mild towards evening”. 

Asked if the rains are enough for farmers to begin planting crops, Ngoma said it will depend whether there will be enough moisture. 

“That a very tough question and it requires more of Agritex taking into account taking into account the amount of moisture that we have currently and the amount of moisture that  is rejected, there are some areas that you know have enough moisture to sustain it for the next coming  lets say its going  to be dry going forward, so if there is enough moisture to sustain then planting can go ahead but then if there is not enough moisture then it’s not advisable, said Ngoma.  

Contacted for a comment, Matabeleland provincial principal agronomist, Davison Masendeke said they can only advise based on the amount of rains received. 

“Rains before the 15th November are usually a false start to the season but if an area receives 20-25mm after the 11th yes we can think of planting,” said Masendeke.

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