Emakhandeni-Luveve MP presents vision to diaspora, calls for collaboration

Emakhandeni-Luveve Constituency Member of Parliament, Discent Collins Bajila, presented his vision for the constituency to the diaspora community as part of efforts to encourage them to meaningfully contribute to the development of the area.

Bajila hosted a virtual constituency diaspora conference on Wednesday where he presented on the services that need interventions, such as education, sports, recreational centres, and skills development.

He said that engagement with the diaspora is now an absolute necessity for legislators.

“The diaspora makes approximately 10% of our GDP and it is time their views on governance be brought on,” Bajila said.

He said that for the duration of his term, he will be having a series of diaspora and local meetings.

Bajila said that there is a need to end period poverty in schools. He suggested that sanitary towels could be made available at the two high schools in the constituency or at the clinics in the constituency, or both, to reduce period poverty and support the girl child.

“Girls get affected by period poverty so there might be a need to ensure that sanitary towels are available either at the two high schools in the constituency or at the clinics in the constituency or both so that we reduce period poverty and support the girl child,” said Bajila. 

He said the constituency is blessed with sporting facilities and recreational centres which need to be fully utilized. 

“We have a functional cricket stadium which has hosted a cricket world cup, we have Luveve stadium. We also have a swimming pool next to the stadium. The vision was around running mini tournaments to bring our people together and attain peace, and integration and also showcase talent that is in the constituency.” 

Bajila said that there is a need to resuscitate the neighbourhood watch committees to improve security. He suggested distributing whistles to more houses in the constituency. He also suggested rehabilitating tower lights and installing solar-powered lamps to improve lighting in the area.

Some participants who attended the conference applauded the vision of the MP and said that they would want to be part of the development and support certain initiatives.

“We appreciate what you have done so far,” said one participant named Prudence. “We strongly wish to do stuff as well in partnership with you on the ground. The main thing we can do is to support the available budget.”

Another participant said that there is a need to engage the sports legends in the constituency to assist with the revival of sports in the constituency.

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