Granny appeals for assistance for severely burned grandson

Samkele Msebele from Tsholotsho is appealing for assistance in cash and kind for her 11-year-old grandson who was electrocuted while trying to remove his shoes from a Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA) power line resulting in him losing both his arms.

Mbongiseni is still receiving treatment at Mpilo Hospital for the severe burns he suffered while playing with his friends in May.

Msebele told CITE that Mbongiseni’s friends threw his shoes onto overhead electricity wires.

“It was on 2 May when he was playing with his friends who then took his shoes and threw them onto a ZESA electricity line. Mbongiseni then took a wire and climbed up the pole trying to remove his shoes, the wire then touched the electricity cable and he was electrocuted,” said Msebele.

She said Mbongiseni lost his arms following the incident.

“The other wounds have healed while others are still in the process; he is waiting to go again to theatre for a skin graft. The left arm was cut just before the elbow while the right hand was cut off from the shoulder, that is the wound that is still bad, moving towards his chest,” she said.

“His back is now better including his feet as he can walk properly.”

Msebele added that she did not what the future will be like for his grandson who is a grade 7 learner.

 “As a grandmother, I have other grandchildren who are looking up to me and I left them behind, I play the role of both parents to these children. Mbongiseni’s father passed away and I am his maternal grandmother,” she said.

She appealed for assistance with food, clothes, and anything that may assist her grandson.

“I am appealing to any assistance be it food or clothes, anything that people can assist me with will be welcome as the Bible says blessed is that hand that gives than the one that receives. As for food here at the hospital he eats porridge in the morning around 6 am, then we wait for lunch around 1 pm then supper at times with poor relish, he has even lost weight,” said Msebele.

“I am saddened by this whole experience, my heart is just heavy.”

Those who wish to assist Mbongiseni can get in touch with his grandmother, Samkele Msebele on 0771 382737.

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