Drug abuse rife in Nswazi

Nswazi Ward 6 Councillor Amanda Khumalo has bemoaned the increase in substance and drug abuse among the youth in the area.

This came out during a round table discussion on the impact of illegal mining on women.

Speaking during the meeting, Councillor Khumalo said there are people in the area who are supplying the youths with drugs.

“I don’t know where children are getting drugs from but as for Mbanje there are many people who are selling it and they justify their action by saying that is their source of income and they use the money to pay school fees for their children,” she said.

Cllr Khumalo said the use of drugs in the community has had a detrimental effect on the behaviour of the youths.

In addition, a villager Lindiwe Ncube also said young people are abusing alcohol when they are sent by their elders to the shops to purchase goods.

“Our children abuse alcohol whenever we send them to the shops, thus where they get to buy ‘intshengu’ and other drugs which in turn overwhelm them because they no longer have manners and lack guidance like we used to do before,” said Ncube.

Nomthandazo Moyo said some young people are influenced by their parents who take drugs and other intoxicating substances.

“As young people what affects us is that some of our guardians are exhibiting bad behaviour for example an old woman can put on a trouser and go drinking, as a young person what should I do and what lessons do I draw from there,” she said.

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