Delay in constructing school irks Filabusi villagers

Nyezi villagers in Filabusi have raised concern at the delay in the construction of a new primary school in their area with children forced to walk about 15 kilometres to the nearest school.

The villagers revealed that they have been contributing funds and labour towards the project for the past five years.

They allege that the project is now used as a campaign tool and is often brought up during elections.

In an interview with CITE, Mthwakazi Republic Party (MRP) secretary-general in Insiza District, Wilson Mathe said they have constantly engaged the local leadership with little success.

“Children walk over 15 km to school with some as young as 5 years. We were promised that a school will be constructed in our area and we have even contributed funds towards the project,” said Mathe.

He said the villagers started moulding bricks for the construction of the school five years ago.

“As it is they have started campaigning using the school. What hurts us the most is that people are committed to building the school but they are failing to just peg an area for us because even the Constitution says school children shouldn’t walk more than 5km but I am talking about 15 km or more for a single journey, this means 30 km to and from school,” said Mathe.

Mathe added that during the rainy season the school children have to cross flooded rivers which puts their lives at risk.

“The other challenge is that Wanezi river, fills up during the rainy season and becomes a challenge for children to cross because sometimes it can take even two weeks for the water level to subside,” he said.

Contacted for a comment, the ward councillor Reason Msipha told the publication that he is going to refer them to the right person to speak to as he was in a meeting.

Insiza South Member of Parliament Spare Sithole said he was not aware of the issue as he had not been briefed by the community.

“But I know there is a site which was allocated by Council for a school. I will inquire more on what is happening,” said Sithole.

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