Byo Town Clerk ‘suspended’

Acting Bulawayo mayor Tinashe Kambarami has reportedly suspended the city’s Town Clerk Christopher Dube on allegations of misappropriating council funds.

In a letter dated July 11, 2019, Cllr Kambarami, accused the Town Clerk of failing to manage the city’s water crises which has seen some parts of the city going for more than a week without water.

Dube also stands accused of misappropriating the ward retention funds, abuse of office and failure to implement council resolutions.

“The city has experienced the worst water delivery ever due to lack your supervision. Your failure to effectively manage repairs and maintenance works has exposed the city to water borne diseases such as cholera and Typhoid,” Kambarami stated in a letter addressed to Dube.

Kambarami, in the letter, alleged Dube misappropriaed ward retention funds and misled the council on the amount available in the account.

” According to council minutes submitted by July 3 2019, the ward retention fund is supposed to have $4 444 909 but as of July 10 the actual balance is less than, $10 000. There are allegations you paid some contractors without the approval of the council and yet to date no work has been done resulting in the council losing money,” read the letter.

Kambarami said Dube’s failure to administer and implement the ward retention fund has led to poor service delivery in all wards.

Dube is further alleged to have connived with former mayor Alderman Martin Moyo in 2017 where he was offered the permission to mine gold at Good Hope/Aiselby Farm contrary to the council procedure.

“In 2017, the city advertised for expression of interest for Ascot redevelopment and these expressions of interest were received yet they have not been submitted to the council for consideration,” alleged the acting Mayor.

Kambarami said such conduct by the Town Clerk has resulted in the city losing out on potential investment and business which is a hindrance to vision 2024 of attaining a vibrant economy dubbed “Moving forward with development”.

In line with the suspension, Dube has been barred from entering council departments and offices.

He has also been asked to surrender all council property in his possession.

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