Dangerous police dog on the loose in Vic Falls

By Judith Sibanda

A dangerous police dog has gone missing in Victoria Falls with the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) calling on residents to help them track it down before it harms people.

The dog, a German Shepherd breed allegedly strayed out of its kennel on Saturday, amid fears that if not apprehended, it might viciously attack residents if they try to befriend it.

Police and Victoria Falls City Council on Tuesday took to the streets alerting residents about the dog.

“ZRP has lost a German Shepherd that is black in colour and has a brown colour on its chest,” a council official announced.

“This dog is dangerous and risky, we are therefore appealing to you residents of Victoria Falls to report if you come across it, or if you know of someone who is keeping it, you should contact police on 0773 415 311.

“You can also alert police officers at your nearest police station.” 

Residents were urged to avoid playing with the dog as it was not trained to do that.

“Don’t try and put in on leash as it will become vicious, please share this message to other members of the community.” 

German Shepherds are preferred by the police because of their noble character, loyalty, curiosity, high intellect and obedience.

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