Councillor pushes for mobile clinic, support for elderly residents in Makokoba

Ward 7 Councillor Thandiwe Moyo has called for a dedicated mobile clinic to serve the growing elderly population in her constituency.

This initiative aims to address accessibility challenges and ensure they receive proper healthcare.

Moyo, who recently appeared on CITE’s The Breakfast Club program, highlighted the struggles faced by the elderly in Makokoba.

“There are more than 100 elderly people in my ward, some over 100 years old,” she said. “One of their biggest challenges is access to healthcare.”

The councillor explained that due to a lack of clinics within Makokoba, many seniors rely on pushcarts to reach the Mzilikazi Clinic, a significant distance away.

“They used to have a clinic near the big bar, but it’s closed now,” Moyo noted. “I raised this issue in council chambers, but they said the Mzilikazi Clinic is available. However, it’s too far for someone unwell to walk.”

Beyond advocating for a mobile clinic, Councillor Moyo also called for regular check-ups by doctors for the elderly. To streamline potential assistance, she has compiled a database detailing the residents’ ages and specific needs.

Moyo has collaborated with the Social Welfare office to help seniors access rebates offered by the City Council.

“I created a database with their information in case any well-wishers want to offer support,” she explained. “I also approached Social Welfare to help some residents access rebates for which they qualify, as the City Council has a budget to assist the elderly.”

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