Council reintroduces hosepipe ban

The Bulawayo City Council (BCC) has reintroduced a ban on the use of hosepipes for domestic purposes and imposed penalties on consumers who exceed their water allocation.

High density houses are allocated 450 litres per day while those in the low density suburbs are allowed to use 650 litres per day.

Residential flats with bulk meters are allocated 70 percent of average water period ending March 2017 while residential flats with individual meters are allocated 400 litres per day.

Hotels, hospitals, clinics, water based industries , schools, churches, institutions, and sports clubs a are allocated 95 percent of average water six months period ending March 2017.

“For those who exceed their water allocations, penalties will be effected against them. The current tariff for penalty for domestic users is ZWL$167 per kilolitre. Consumers are urged to monitor their water consumption daily by reading their meters,” said Town Clerk Christopher Dube in a statement on Tuesday.

“The ban on use of hose pipes for gardening is reintroduced with this proposed water rationing scheme. Construction with potable water remains prohibited. Consumers are urged to use boreholes and reclaimed water for non-potable uses.”

Dube added that the city will only water supplies to those that are within the boundaries that are under development and those that will be incorporated under the new City development Master plan.

“These are totalling a potential of more than fifteen (15000) households which will increase the current demand and may surpass the system capacity,” he said.  

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