Vetting of War Vets children begins

The Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association (ZNLWVA) has begun a process to vet war veterans’ children in Bulawayo, so they can receive government support.

Once vetted, the children are better placed to access opportunities offered by the state.

War Veterans chairman for Bulawayo province, Cephas Ncube, made the announcement at a meeting attended by ZNLWVA spokesperson and politburo member, Douglas Mahiya and his team on Wednesday.

“The vetting meeting will start Wednesday at 10am in Entumbane. Children are supposed to bring their birth certificates and copy of their parents’ war credentials.  Those war veterans who were not vetted have some form of identification that they can give their children or better yet, can still bring their children for confirmation,” he said.

Ncube urged war veterans to allow their children be part of the exercise and also spread the message widely so that no one is excluded.

“This is an exercise meant to benefit your children but some parents are hesitant to let their children join in. This is a negative syndrome, which we have observed where people are reluctant to be part of activities yet only want benefits and start scrambling with others,” he said.

The provincial chairperson added that the vetting was a noble move that recognised the role of war veterans in the country.

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