Govt moves to amend ZIMSEC Act

The Zimbabwe School Examination Council Act is set to be amended to deal with examination leakages by introducing stiffer penalties on offenders.

In a post-cabinet briefing, Tuesday, Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Minister Monica Mutswangwa said the ZIMSEC Amendment Bill will align the ZIMSEC Act with the various developments that have taken place since its enactment.                                                                                                                   

“The nation is being informed that the Zimbabwe School Examinations Council  (ZIMSEC) Act [Chapter 25:18] was enacted in 1994. Since then, numerous developments have occurred in the education sector as well as anomalies that have come to the attention of the Zimbabwe School Examinations Council and the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education which require amendment of the Act. The Bill, therefore, seeks to align the Act with the various developments that have taken place since its enactment,” said Mutsvangwa.

Mutsvangwa said the Bill would give powers to deregister examination centres that do not comply with ZIMSEC standards.  

“The Bill will also strengthen the independence and efficiency of the ZIMSEC Board by equipping it with the necessary skilled persons that can adequately meet ZIMSEC’s mandate.”

She added that in the new Bill, the Board will be given powers to withhold examination results pending investigations by ZIMSEC in cases of examination malpractice such as leakages. 

“Persons who handle examinations material and all those who work closely with ZIMSEC will take an oath of secrecy.”

Mutsvangwa said a section will be introduced to deal with issues pertaining to conflict of interest among ZIMSEC employees and those that gain access to examination materials.  

“Section 35 will be amended to provide additional offences and to further enumerate acts of examinations malpractice and their penalties.  The nation is being informed that it is envisaged the proposals will ensure that the quality of examination services will continue to match world standards.  The Bill will also arrest the vice of examination leakages by introducing stiffer penalties in order to deal effectively with offenders,” she said.

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