Continued recalls exposing MDC-T’s agenda: Analysts

Political analysts have said that the continued recalling of political officer bearers elected in 2018 by the Douglas Mwonzora-led MDC-T is exposing the party as an organisation driven by greed and malice.

Since the controversial March 2020 Supreme Court ruling that nullified Chamisa’s presidency of the MDC Alliance handing over the party and its councillors to the MDC-T, the latter has been recalling office bearers willy-nilly.

Recently the party which dismally lost the March 26 by-elections recalled six councillors from the Binga Rural District Council (RDC).

The six are Wilson Siampolomba, Kariangwe Ward; Mathias Mudenda, Simatelele Ward; Kingson Mpofu; Kalungwizi Ward; Joseph Mweembe, Sikalenge Ward; Chrispen Munkuli, Lubimbi Ward and John Sikabotu representing Siachilaba ward.

The party also recalled three Gweru councillors, Ward 4 Cllr Martin Chivhoko, Ward 4 Cllr Cleopas Shiri who is also the deputy mayor and ward 18 Cllr John Manyundwa.

The recalled Binga councillors are accused of having been consistently working and ever pushing the agenda of the CCC and campaigning for a candidate from the same party.

Binga has 21 wards largely controlled by the opposition.

“It’s unfortunate that the MDC T leadership continues on its vindictive path,” said political analyst, Mkhululi Tshuma.

“The party leadership has cumulatively shown that to it, holding an axe means you should always use it even in places where they stand to gain more by exercising forbearance. It’s the witchcraft mentality that says if I can’t have you then no one else can.”

He said the recalls were working against the party’s image in society.

“These recalls continue to expose the MDC T leadership as driven by greed and malice,” he said.

“They continue recalling councillors because there is no monetary value that they are of, to their dead party. On the other hand, there are many MPs that have crossed to the CCC from MDC T but the party will never recall them because it continues to milk the public purse under the Political Parties Finances Act, claiming that such MPs still belong to them yet it is public knowledge that those MPs have long since left the party.

In effecting recalls, Tshuma said the MDC T seeks to portray itself as a party with power but it is achieving the opposite.

“It is portraying itself as a bully and also as an extortionist hub,” he said.

“It’s sad that the party that the iconic Morgan Tsvangirai built to advance the cause of democracy has sunk to such proportions in its desire to advance self-serving-agenda. This is diabolic, to say the least.”

Another political analyst, Effie Ncube said the recalls are meant to settle scores with councillors and legislators who have chosen to side with the people who elected them.

“Everybody knows that those who were elected under MDC Alliance in 2018 belonged to a political brand led by Nelson Chamisa which has since evolved into what is known as the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC),” said Ncube.

“The recalls serve no value for communities desperate for a better life. Instead, they have paralysed leadership and management in affected areas leading to the catastrophic collapse of service delivery we see in many councils.”

Binga North legislator, Prince Dubeko Sibanda the recalls were unjustified adding there was a ZANU-PF hand in them.

Binga North MP Prince Dubeko Sibanda

“It is very clear that Mwonzora is trying to hide behind the scandalous 2020 Supreme Court judgement which we are even doubting if it is being implemented according to its own letter,” said Sibanda.

“These councillors have not crossed any floor from anywhere. They remain where they have been. The conduct of the six councillors that have been recalled is not different from the conduct of the other 18 that are left.”

He added: “These councillors have been recalled because Mwonzora is dancing to the tune of ZANU-PF internal politics.”

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