Construction of registry building in Insiza district resumes

By Promise Dube

Work on the construction of a registry building in Insiza District, which had been dormant since 2005, has resumed after the government secured funding for the project.

The development was confirmed by Insiza District Development Coordinator (DDC), Zacharia Jusa who said the construction of the registry building was a critical government project to serve and benefit the community in Matabeleland South.

It is expected that once completed the registry office will assist locals in Filabusi and surrounding areas of Insiza, who previously were forced to travel to towns such as Bulawayo or Gwanda to obtain documentation and passports. 

Locals claimed the registry’s construction began a long time ago but lack of political will by leadership was to blame for the building’s slow progress while others alleged the construction was now resuming because it was election season.

However, authorities insisted that lack of funds had stalled the construction. 

“It is being constructed and we are happy about that. The building has nothing to do with elections. It is a project that has been there on a government programme and it is upon the availing of funding that’s why it’s being constructed,” said the DDC when contacted for comment.

The DDC disputed claims made by some locals that the building was first constructed in the 1990s arguing that the registry building was mooted in 2005.

“The building work started in 2005, that’s when it was conceptualised,” Jusa said, noting that the construction was being done in phases.

“We did not start construction this year, but started it around 2021 and are continuing with construction again this year.”

The DDC added that the Department of Public Works were the one in charge of construction and would know when it would likely be completed.

“Quite a number of locals have been employed. When the building is finished, it is going to help people of Insiza. People in Insiza will no longer have to go to Gwanda or other districts to process passport applications,” Jusa said.

Meanwhile, the government says it is in a mission to open registry offices across the country and so far it has opened 13 registry offices countrywide where e-passports are being issued.

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