Community mobilises Covid-19 resources for local clinic

Villagers in Beula and surrounding areas in Matobo District are working together with other community members who are based in South Africa to mobilise resources for their local clinic at a time Zimbabwe is battling Covid-19.

Zimbabwe has so far recorded 7 633 positive cases of Covid-19 and 224 deaths.

Speaking to CITE from Beula this week, one the community members, Mhlawempi Ndlovu, said they had since formed an association, Beula Clinic Community (BCC) under which resources are mobilised.

“When Covid-19 started, we gathered in Johannesburg as people that use the Beula-Seula Clinic,” said Ndlovu.

“We agreed that each person should contribute whatever they have. We said whether one has R10 or whatever amount, they should feel free to contribute, so we could buy things like sanitisers and so forth.”

Ndlovu explained that a significant amount was raised after which an account was opened for future deposits.

“The money increased and we bought some stuff and sent it home; we have not stopped even today,” added Ndlovu.

According to BCC records seen by CITE, a total of R 22 930 was raised from over 200 contributors while some people donated sanitisers, gloves, masks, surface cleaners and other materials during the first phase of the project.

Contributions for other phases are ongoing.

Villages benefiting from the clinic include, Ntabasimbi, Beula, Khapheni, Humbana, Madlangombe and some parts of Sigangatsha, Malundu, Matshamhlophe and Mambale.

“We saw it very crucial to work together during this difficult time by coming up with a plan of assisting our community with essentials such as sanitisers, gloves, masks, disposable aprons, antiseptic liquids and bleaches to protect our people,” said BCC.

The villagers are working together with their councillor, Alderman Madala Ndebele, headman Norman Madonki Ndlovu in the project.

The project is set to continue post Covid-19, encompassing infrastructure development at the clinic, installation of a solar system, purchasing of drugs, buying of an ambulance and building of a mortuary.

“We welcome contributions from everyone including business people and donors across the world,” said BCC.

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