Churches call for peaceful voting tomorrow

The Zimbabwe Christian Alliance (ZCA) has called on peaceful conduct at tomorrow’s by-elections.  

Zimbabweans go to the polls tomorrow to fill in 28 parliamentary and over 100 local authority seats that have fallen vacant over the past two years.

“As the country awaits the upcoming by-elections to be held tomorrow on the 26th of March, the Zimbabwe Christian Alliance (ZCA) urges the nation to exercise its democratic right to vote in a peaceful, respectful and tolerant manner,” said ZCA in a statement.

“ZCA will monitor the by-elections in the majority of the areas under contestation. We call upon all Zimbabweans to participate fully and be prayerful in the process through voting for a party of their choice. No one will see your choice, only God will see your vote.”

The alliance said it had noted that some political parties were initially denied the right to hold rallies and commended courts for clearing them.

“We also continue to call upon all political party leaders to desist from the use of hate speech and language that could incite violence among their followers,” said the ZCA.

“To ensure that there is a peaceful environment pre, during and post elections, ZCA local peace structures in different parts of the country were engaged with political parties in promoting non-violence and tolerance. ZCA notes with concern incidences of politically motivated violence that were reported in some parts of the country. The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) is called upon to take its position in protecting candidates of all political parties and the electorate from any form of violence, intimidation and to deal decisively with any forms of violence and the alleged perpetrators.”

ZCA went on to challenge the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) to create trust with all stakeholders and deal with concerns that have been raised.

“It is also important for ZEC to avail its updated Voters Roll to all stakeholders who requested for it so as to avoid creating mistrust and allegations of being partisan.”

ZCA further said: “We call upon the public media to be inclusive in their coverage of all political parties through state media institutions. ZCA calls on Zimbabweans to promote peace and pray for our nation as we go through the by-elections process. “Select capable men from all the people—men who fear God, trustworthy men who hate dishonest gain…” (Exodus 18: 21).”

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