Fishing expedition ends in tragedy as man drowns

A man from Tshangwe village in Plumtree drowned while swimming with his friends, Sunday, CITE has learnt.

The body of Lighton Ngwenya (20) had not yet been retrieved from Tshangwe dam by Monday afternoon.

A family member, Jabulani Ngwenya, told CITE that they had reported the matter to the police and they were waiting for the sub-aqua unit to come and retrieve the body.

“We have been waiting for divers to come and retrieve him from the dam. The lady time we checked with them they said they were on their way so we hope they will arrive soon,” he said.

Ngwenya said the now deceased went to Tshangwe dam with six of his friends to fish but when they arrived they decided to swim first.

“Lighton went to the dam with six of his friends to fish. When they arrived he suggested that they swim first. One of his friends jumped into the water first and then he followed. That was when he drowned. We are heartbroken as a family by such an incident,” Ngwenya added.

Matabeleland South police confirmed the incident but could not issue full details as they were still conducting investigations.

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