Byo man appeals for assistance to buy colostomy bags

A 20-year-old man from Luveve suburb in Bulawayo, who underwent an operation after suffering from Gastrointestinal disease following a diarrhoea outbreak that hit the suburb two months ago is appealing to well-wishers to assist him to purchase Colostomy bags.

A Colostomy bag is a plastic bag that collects faecal matter from the digestive tract through an opening in the abdominal wall called a stoma.

Doctors attach a bag to the stoma following a colostomy operation.

Luveve was hit by a diarrhoea outbreak which resulted in the deaths of at least 13 people while thousands of residents became sick after drinking contaminated tap water.

Emmanuel Moyo, is one of the people from the suburb who now has to live with the effects of the disease.

Speaking to CITE, his mother Constance Ndlovu said his son underwent an operation after his condition deteriorated.

“My son was part of the people who were seriously affected by the diarrhoea following drinking tap water,” said Ndlovu.

“He had tried going to the clinic for primary health care twice but his condition got worse and we ended up taking him to Mpilo Hospital for further assistance.

“He was admitted to Mpilo Hospital on 24 June and he got discharged on 6 July. One of his intestines was operated on as they said its condition had deteriorated due to typhoid.”

Ndlovu said her son’s diet has since changed after going through the operation.

“One of the challenges I am facing at the moment is that his diet has changed, he now only eats food such as potatoes, rice and Spaghetti, they told him to follow a specific diet, he no longer eats sadza hence some of the food needed becomes expensive for me,” she said.

“Even the Colostomy bags are expensive, he changes them every day, the affordable ones which go for USD$3, do not allow for re-use. The ones going for USD$5 can be re-usable even up to three times.”

Those willing to assist Emmanuel Moyo can get in touch with him on 078 353 9622 or contact his brother on 0777 348 214.

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