CITE launches online election dashboard

The Center for Innovation and Technology (CITE) has launched an online election dashboard that will provide people with information about candidates and live updates of the results.

CITE’ head of the IT department, Sean Ndlovu said the dashboard, which can be accessed at, was created by CITE with the assistance of their partner in Nigeria, who helped with designing the back end and some of the technicalities.

“This is CITE’s election dashboard is meant to provide election results in real-time as they are released by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission,” he said. 

“It is an interactive portal, you can get information from the previous elections and you can also get more information, especially about the presidential candidates.”  

Ndlovu explained that on election day the map will be live and people will be able to see the results as they come in.  “On election day the platform will come live and people can be able to see the results as they come in. The provinces will be turning into the colour of the winning party,” he said.  

“Using the same platform, you can also access the other CITE portals such as the Fact-check portal, News website and the promise tracker. The promise tracker is a platform where we track various promises made by various politicians, political parties and local authorities. We then track these promises to check how much progress they make to fulfil them.”

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