Chief Dakamela hails support for community development initiatives

Chief Dakamela of Nkayi has commended the positive response to a public appeal for support for the Dakamela Housing Scheme and Education Foundations.

The two foundations were officially launched in early April at a colourful traditional ceremony where the Chief honoured hardworking committee members and organisations for their work towards the development of the community. 

In a recent interview with CITE, Chief Dakamela said he is hopeful that more people will contribute towards this noble cause so that more people can benefit, even those beyond his jurisdiction.

“We have been getting great responses thus far. Someone that I will not mention by name has contributed $1000 towards the Education Foundation. On the day of the launch, we also got $500. Another well-wisher donated 9 pairs of school shoes for the kids, all these are commendable efforts,” Chief Dakamela said. 

“We have also been given 40 bags of cement which will go a long way towards the housing scheme. Just a few days ago we received grocery hampers that we distributed among less privileged members of our community.”

Chief Dakamela hailed members of his community and those from neighbouring areas for positively participating towards the cause. 

“Initially we had “Isphala seNkosi” (Chief’s Granary) where community members would contribute two buckets of maize per year. This would be converted to cash which would then be used to buy resources that would contribute towards these foundations,” he explained. 

“Members of the neighbouring communities have started contributing towards the Chief’s Granary as well which will in turn benefit them. We want this foundation to grow beyond Chief Dakamela’s jurisdiction. It is a development project hence it must grow as big as possible and reach as wide as possible. Learners that we are currently assisting are not only under our jurisdiction, they are from neighbouring areas as well. We hope that the project will expand even further.”

Those who want to contribute towards the foundations can make a deposit:

Steward Bank Nostro FCA 

Dakamela Foundation 


Those who want more details can get in touch with Sandra Dakamela on +263 78 684 0619 

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